Notice the colours in the bins. It’s aways interesting to see how our pickers all have different standards!
Well, the 2021/22 season is only weeks away and we are still not sure what it will deliver. We had lots of rain whilst the trees were in flower and budding and although the rain seems to have slowed down, we haven’t had a lot of sunshine.  Once again, we will open our Shop Page as soon as we have ripe fruit. At this stage, we are not expecting to do so until after the middle of December.

Information for buyers:

Please note that we are unable to provide a ‘pick your own’ option because of our location.

We post 2kg and 4.5kg Express Post boxes of fresh cherries to all states except Western Australia. For more details go to our Shop Page. 

As the Marshall family, we are very proud of ‘Ferniehurst’, our own boutique farm, in a time when more and more family farms are being swallowed up by corporate business. Dating back to the 1820s and still with original convict built sheds, it was initially  a sheep farm and has been in our family for around 65 years. Some fifteen years ago we discovered that our pristine land and climate conditions were perfect for growing cherries. We are now well recognised around the markets and interstate for our wildly sweet and  luscious fruit. We attend a number of local markets around Tasmania during the summer months and pride ourselves on having fresh cherries straight from the tree, picked on Thursdays and Fridays for the weekend markets. No seconds, thirds, rejects, no handling or sorting; just fresh, real fruit, straight from the tree into the pickers’ bins and to market. Due to our unique location our cherries are crisp and clean and can be eaten straight from the tree without having to be washed!

Recommendations from customers:
  • Hi, just wanted to let you know that the cherries I ordered arrived in perfect condition, and were so far above the ones we usually get up here in North Queensland! Trouble was I had keep testing them to check the quality! CH from QLD.Hi, Thank you – Cherries arrived safely and are delicious!! cheers, CG from QLD.
  • The best cherry in town, have tried lots of shop in the market, but none could beat Ferniehurst cherries. Always the sweetest and freshest. Highly recommend everyone to get them from Salamanca market when you pass by:).   BL from Hobart.
  • Hi there, I have heard that you are one of the best Cherries in Tasmania so I wonder, would you have any left for sell?   SP from Hobart.
  • These are by far the best cherries I have ever tasted had Grandkids here from Sydney and they would agree with me.   CW from NSW.
  • Hi John and Adelaide, Thank you for your beautiful cherries this year, we have enjoyed it very much because they are crunchy and yummy! See you next year. Cheers.   SD from NSW.
  • Hi This is  W…… I currently live in Brisbane. I heard you have the best cherry in the world!….  WW from QLD.
  • I met you guys yesterday at Salamanca you gave me some cherries ad then when leaving for home I bought a bag. LOVELY cherries thank you.   GB from Tasmania.
  • We have just received our little babies, and they are so yummy as usual, thanks again you have done it again. Cheers and Take care.  W & A from NSW.
  • I am so excited to receive ‘decent’ cherries for Christmas… was down in Tasmania earlier this year and tried your cherries at the Salamanca market — at last, I thought cherries that taste like their supposed to taste.   AJ from NSW.
  • Order arrived YUM!!  Can you advise what variety they are?   MC from NSW.
  • Just letting you know that those cherries were so good, just like the last time we got some, are there still some available…  WL from QLD.
  • Thank you for the cherries. They are delicious!  RD from QLD.
  • If you want the yummiest cherries Sandra, go and see Adelaide on Saturday.   LM from Tasmania.
  • Like to thank you for the beautiful & sweet cherries. They were large & sweet.🙂 Can you let me know when you start picking the cherries at the end of this year as I would like to purchase either 3 or 4 boxes so I can preserve them using the fowler preserving method for home use. Again thank you for these cherries.  PA from QLD.
  • Good Evening. Thank you for my cherry order – they are delicious . Can’t find your website to order more. Can you please forward your website and also price for 4kg of fresh cherries. Thank you, have a lovely evening.   DI from QLD.
  • I bought some cherries from you and John last week at the Farmer’s Market and it was really awesome. I would like to purchase 8kg (flexible, happy to buy more) of cherries from you this Sunday. Would you be able to pack them in 2kg boxes each? (Boxing is flexible as well – does not have to be 2kg strictly). Please let me know! Thank you very much.   PC from Tasmania.
  • Thanks. Received them today, awesome cherries. Cheers.   AR from NSW.
  • Best Cherries I’ve had at Salamanca Market! And I can now send fresh Cherries all the way from Tasmania to most major cities and it arrives the next day – all from the new website??? Wow that is awesome!   JR from Tasmania.

Cherries, anyone?
Cherries, anyone?