Welcome to  a brand new cherry season for 2018.

Following are the local market dates and whether we will be attending them.


We are going to have a pop up shop at Eastlands Shopping Centre in the alcove on the Rosny College side. We are going to be there every day from Wednesday 19th December from 8.30 to 9pm until Christmas Eve when we will close at 6pm. This will allow all locals to buy our freshly picked cherries at any time of the week! We will most likely stay there until early into the New Year.
Here’s the markets we attend through December and January with our fresh cherries. Either click on the market logo or the link for further information about each one.


Check out  Salamanca Market on the attached link where you will also find a site map:

We will not be at Salamanca this Saturday, 15th as we will not have enough ripe fruit.

Salamanca Market

 And THE best Saturday morning fresh fruit and  vegetable market in Launceston!!

We will be here on Saturday 15 December.

Harvest Launceston

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